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Image Your Future: Youth Leadership Training Programme

The development of science and technology have greatly broadened our projection for the future. What will the world be like thirty years later?

The program requires youths to design their own future city. During the process, they are taught how to think and solve problems creatively and systematically. Coupled with the knowledge gained from the applied technology workshop, the youths could demonstrate their ideas by a physical model. They also have a chance to take a lead role to take care of elementary school students on a field trip. It will a perfect time for them to conclude what they have learned in the past year and transfer that knowledge to juniors.

Activity Outline for First Semester
Lesson Topic Content
1 Sustainable Development & Smart City

Understand the concept of sustainable development and its relationship with smart cities

  • What is sustainable development
    • The history of Sustainable Development Goals
    • Activity - Earthquake: The challenges the world are facing
    • 17 Sustainable Development Goals
  • The concept of sustainable development and its relationship with smart cities
2 Design Thinking Workshop

Understand Design Thinking

  • Introduction
    • What is innovation?
    • How to be innovative?
  • What is Design Thinking? 
    • The origin of Design Thinking
    • Four spirits of Design Thinking: Human-centric, Iterative, Multidisciplinary, Diverges and converges
    • Principles of Design Thinking: Empathy, Define, Ideation, Prototype, Test
    • Innovative elements of Design Thinking: Achievable, Desirable, Sustainability
    • Activty: Case Study - What makes Leveraged Freedom Chair successful?
  • Empathy
    • Activty: How might we?
    • Lead user and pain points
    • Case Study: Sau Po Centre on Ageing
    • Activity: Dissusion - Find out your lead user and their pain points
    • Advantages, disadvantages and design methods of questionnaire
    • Activity: Design your own questionnaire
  • Conclusion & Assignments: Collect your data in Community Festival 
3 Preparation for HSBC Community Festival

Topic:Sustainable Development & Smart City

  • Preparation for HSBC Community Festival's Booths
  • Understand the population of Kwai Tsing District
  • Learn how to make a Hand Sanitizer Machine

4 HSBC Community Festival
  • Promote sustainable development in the community
  • Suggestions for activities: Smart city exhibition, Fruit bookmark workshop, Hand sanitizer machine workshop, booth games, etc
  • Field inspection: conduct research and collect data
5 Science and Technology Investigation 

Topic:Sustainable Development Investigation Group [TBC]


Design Thinking Workshop(2) &  Smart City and Technology

Design Thinking Workshop(2)

  • Review the learning experience in the Community Festival 
  • Continuation of first Design Thinking Workshop
  • Empathy
    • Report: the data and opinions collected in the Community Festival 
  • Define
    • Activity: Can you define the real need of user in one sentence?
  • Conclusion: Talk about Ideation and Prototype in the next sesemester

Smart City and Technology

  • Network Technology (with example)
    • Bluetooth
    • WiFi
    • Mesh Wi-Fi
    • Zigbee
    • LoRa
  • Mirco-Computer
    • Arduino Board
    • Raspberry Pi
    • Micro:bit
    • Google Coral