Who We Are

Mission and Vision
Our missionTo improve the living standards and enhance development capabilities of the Rural Poor in China
Our GoalTo Provide Quality Medical and Education Services to Rural Children & Women

We are committed to providing high quality medical and educational services to poor children and women in rural China.

Institute For Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong is committed to promoting the all-round development of education, economy, culture, environment, society and health in poor rural areas in China with funding, research and development projects. Currently, the main area of ​​our work is the national poverty counties in Baojing County, Guzhang County and Yanhe County which are located in Xiangxi Autonomous Prefecture, Hunan Province and Guizhou Province respectively. Our projects mainly focus on assisting students over the years and we have successively conducted projects on teacher training and funding and medical treatment since 2002.

Most of the members of Institute For Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong have many years work experience in the field of research and development and  have a deep understanding of different aspects of rural development and social policy. We uphold the value of cooperating and complementing each other while working with our strength. Together we fight for the goal of developing the poor rural areas in China comprehensively.

Our Values

We are committed to improving the space and capacity for all-round development in the rural areas in Mainland and the rest of the world in terms of economy, society and culture while promoting the concept of common development and common progress to the public.

Our development work is based on the trust in value and potential of human beings. We are convinced that the task of supporting development is not to grant and gift but to convey a more important message - respect and care. We believe that through participating in our work can realize good ideals and wishes are values ​​that are not limited by the objective environment but inherent to us. We are also greatly encouraged and inspired by our value.

We truely believe that it is inherent and the fundamental right to get rid of poverty, receive education, use medical and health services, develop personality and land . Only by affirming and supporting each of these rights can we jointly create a better world with sustainable development.


Our Approach

Partnership development

● Promote the values of care and respect, and help individuals to identify their potential.

Caring for vulnerable populations

● Provide support to underprivileged communities, including orphans, single families, left-behind children, the elderly, children whose parents are disabled or chronically ill.


● Work with organizations or individuals who share the same values to facilitate the local professionalism of the social services development.

Duplicable feature

● Adopt duplicability to programme planning, implementation and evaluation to enhance promotional values of the programmes

Future vision

● Promote future skills, sustainability and family well-being to nurture a wholesome society