Who We Are

Management structure of the Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IRD), Hong Kong

Consultants and members of the Executive Committee of IRD come from diversified background. Some are scholars in various fields of rural and social policy research whereas some are front-line experienced experts or well-trained co-workers. None of the Advisory Board member or Executive Committee can be appointed to any paid position in IRD.

IRD headquartered in Hong Kong, with a mainland office located in Baojing County, Hunan Province. 15 full-time staff are employed in total.

The General Assembly

IRD's operation is monitored by its members who have the highest authority in the institute. In accordance with the constitutions, annual general meeting is held once a year, during which, the executive committee shall review IRD's yearly financial status and achievements. 


Consultant Committee

The Institute for Integrated Rural Development (IRD), Hong Kong invites members of the community who are familiar with the affairs of China and have considerable experience in development projects and charity activities. Their professional advice helps the institution better implement various development projects. The current list of advisory committees is as follows:

Mr. Apo P. L. Leong (Chairperson)

Chairman, Hong Kong Social Security Society

Mr. Lui Ping Keung (Vice-Chairperson)

Guest Lecturer, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

Mr. Wan Chi Keung (BBS, JP)

Convenor, Risk Communication Advisory Group, Centre for Health Protection

Prof. Yang Tuan

Researcher, Center for Public Policy Research, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences 

Dr. Hung Ching Tin

Chairman, Centre of Hongkongology

Prof. Ng Yat Nam

Head & Professor, Department of Social Work, Hong Kong Baptist University

Dr. Lee WM


Ms. Kan Shuk Fan

Honorary Convenor

Mr. Sze Yuk Hiu

Company Executive

Dr. Ho Wing Chung

Committee Convenor (ex-officio)

Ms. Pun Oi Yee

Committee Convenor (ex-officio)

Ms. Tong Chun Po


Dr. Wong Hon Kwong

Former Vice-Hospital Chief Executive & Chief of Service (Obstetrics & Gynaecology), Queen Elizabeth Hospital

(Account Advisor, Angdong Charitable Hospital)

Dr. Chow Chun Bong

Former Consultant (Paediatrics & Adolescent Medicine), Princess Margaret Hospital

(Account Advisor, Angdong Charitable Hospital)

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for managing IRD. Members, who are experts from different background, join the committee in a voluntary basis. The list of executive committee members is as follows:

Dr. Ho Wing Chung (Convenor) 

Associate Professor, Department of Applied Social Sciences, City University of Hong Kong

Ms. Pun Oi Yee (Honorary Secretary)

Senior Education Consultant

Mr. Cheung Man Chung, Horace (Financial Secretary)

Investment Consultant

Mr. Sze Yuk Hiu (Research) 

Company Executive

Ms. Chan Ho Yi (Donor and Volunteer Liaison) 

Company Executive

Mr. Lam Ka Keung (Project and Publication) 

Social Service Institute Executive 

Mr. Leung Yue Kong (Administrative Coordination) 

Social Service Institute Project Manager

Mr. Chan Hok Nam (Research and Project) 

Medical Service Institute Executive 

Ms. Tsoi Shim Kuen (Donor Liaison)


Mr. Cheung Man Chung (Project and Publication) 

Press Editor

Ms. Sin Wai Sum (External Affair - Resource Development) 

Registered Social Worker

Revised: May 31, 2019