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Social Enterprise:GoHarvest

Established in 2018 by The Institute for Integrated Rural Development Hong Kong, GoHarvest is the first social enterprise travel agency in Hong Kong to obtain membership in the Travel Industry Council of Hong Kong. GoHarvest is committed to providing tourism products with a unique concept of sustainable development, such as holiday camps, exchange, retreats, guided tours, and educational activities for corporate/institutes/non-profit organizations.


As a result of long working hours, the time to accompany the children were deprived of their poor parents. Thus, most poor households find it difficult to cope with the cost of extracurricular activities due to financial problems, resulting in the loss of learning opportunities and the chance to access to new things and new people. Therefore, it is hoped that our matching fund can help to reduce the financial burden of grassroots families and providing equal amusement rights for grassroots children.

GoHarvest therefore will allocate no less than 30% of its profits to the grassroots families every year through social reinvestment。 Through the "Travel Buddy Matching" method, every ten travelers will be supporting a grassroots family member to travel/participate in guided tours or interest classes.

Features: Travel x Future Skills

Travelling can help students develop future skills. Research finds that students with more travel experience embrace better future skills, including self-confidence, interpersonal skills, time management skills, leadership and cultural sensitivity, proving the benefits of travelling. GoHarvest integrated various elements into tours to help student develop future skills:

  • Design Thinking as the heart of journey: To equip the team with better adaptivity in this ever-changing society and in-depth understanding about local to global issues

  • Self-initiated Learning:  Taking advantage of the cultural shock to interest the team in exploring new knowledge

  • Travel × New Technology: Integrating gadget-uses into the tour to equip the team with the knowledge and skills of new technology and new media

  • Systematic Reflection: To encourage self-development through self- and group- reflection throughout the tour

GoHarvest's Service
  • Service Tour: Service × Travel. To provide service to underprivileged people; meanwhile experience authentic, local culture.

  • Education Tour: To develop future skills. GoHarvest provides one-stop services to lower teachers’ burden.

  • In-depth Tour: A participative-kind of tourism to experience culture, history and arts.

  • Bespoke Tour: To tailor-make study, training or team-building tour.

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