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"Embrace Happiness" Project for the Well-being of Families in Kwai Tsing

Hong Kong students and parents generally suffer from stress. Various research papers have revealed that the mental health of students and parents are highly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic. Children feel being trapped during the suspension of school. Conflicts between parents and children arise because of decrease in personal time. However, the current social services are insufficient to meet the above needs. At present, the average number of students in local primary and secondary schools is about 650. Each school has two residential social workers. On average, each social worker has to deal with a large number of cases. Cases are mainly referred by the head teacher, hidden cases are easily overlooked. Therefore, by promoting students and parents' awareness of emotional health, the program attempts to fill the current service gap, enhances their abilities of emotional resilience, alleviating stress, promotes personal growth and repaires family relationships.

Deadline: October 27, 2020

Registration Link: https://bit.ly/2FDI0KC

Enquiry: 27367383 Miss Hong, info@harvest.org.hk