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The Story of Xu, Fenghe
Stay True, Be Brave

I come from Baojing, a national-level poor county in Xiangxi, Hunan Province. It is beautiful yet closed small town. My home in Xizhou Village, which is a small village located 15km away from the town center.  The education in the rural village is simple but satisfying. I studied primary school and spent my childhood in this lovely village.

County-level middle school was a huge change. In the town, there were more accessible knowledge, I could also make more friends. There were 50 students in one class. I also had more teachers, like Music teacher, Art teacher, etc. These were nothing that I could have imagined. I was happy back then, but I also got my own worries - I started to become self-abased. The tuition for middle school almost equaled my two-month-expenses during primary school. My parents had therefore got bigger financial burden, making lives even harder. My parents are both local farmers, working from dawn to dusk. Being away from home, I could do nothing but felt sorry about their sacrifice. While my classmates have got pocket money to buy reference books, I could only save mine to support daily expenses. This hardship did not last long though as I was lucky to be able to receive help from IRD. What they gave was more than financial support. They further helped me slowly ease my psychological burden, allowing me to concentrate on my study.

With the help of IRD, I started to re-build my confidence. The 3 years of high school life was simple and every day repeated itself. I worked hard to fight for my dream every day. Sometimes, staff from IRD would come to my school and share their lives and stories to cheer us up and ease our stress. After the College Entrance Exam, I managed to get the university admission letter which I dreamed for years. This paper was thin but heavy. It held not only my endeavor, but also the kindness of those were by my side throughout the years. In the near future, I can change my destiny, and I can also help more people who are in need.

I now sit in the bright, spacious university classroom to continue to chase my dream. Being away from home and live in this unfamiliar city can always make me feel a lot. In university, we no longer talk about the boring knowledge written on books. The classroom atmosphere is always lively and classes are really inspiring. I have also become more mature. And IRD, continue to stand by my side, and help me to enjoy my university life without much pressure. I am very much grateful and I have never loosened up. Only if I work harder and harder to become a better person, I can offer help to those in need.

I treasure my current life. I fight against whatever difficulties in lives. With the generous help from IRD, I walked out from the rural village and entered university. I also understand the how hard lives are for my parents. From primary school to university, my parents’ unconditional supports to my education are never easy. I can never be a university student without my parents’ and IRD’s support. Receiving help from IRD further gives me a sense of responsibility – to contribute to the society and give a hand to people-in-need.

After rain there is a rainbow. Those who are brave can always reach their destination. Because of IRD, I can go further and further.